Monday, 12 September 2016

See how this man publicly shamed a woman he was once engaged to

Wonder what she did to deserve this.

This Twitter user, @LifeOfBmax shared a screenshot of one @chris_handsum‘s Instagram post, where he is pictured on one knee obviously asking a certain @southern_bella0 to be his wife.
The shocking part is the bold FAILURE plastered on the image and the caption that came with it.
It read, ‘I’ve made some horrible mistakes in my life and I’ve learned from each and every one. However, none are comparable to August 2, 2015. By the way, keep the ring @southern_bella0 no hard feelings, but I personally can’t spend the rest of my life with you.’
Chris has since closed his instagram profile but we got the screenshot. Find the photo below.
This is something every woman should pray against.
Wonder what she did to have warranted such a shameful public breakup.

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